Why work at the institutional level?

Why work at the institutional level? - Recently I found a reference in a paper on e-learning development (no - that's not me - its another Stephen J Marshall, he's a professor) that I think expresses very well why I have taken my research along the current direction:
“The answer to large-scale reform is not to try to emulate the characteristics of the minority who are getting somewhere under present conditions … Rather, we must change existing conditions so that it is normal and possible for a majority of people to move forward” (Fullan, 2001, p268)
I think we're so distracted by the impressive work of early adopters and the potential of new technology that its easy to lose sight of the different priorities most academics have. Its not even a question of whether they can engage in e-learning, its why they should do it instead of other aspects of their work.

Fullan, M. (2001). The new meaning of educational change (3rd. ed.). New York: Teachers' College Press.