Entrepreneurialization, Resistance, and the Crisis of the Universities: A Case Study of the University of Texas at Austin

Entrepreneurialization, Resistance, and the Crisis of the Universities: A Case Study of the University of Texas at Austin
A Dissertation by Robert Frank Ovetz, B.A., M.A.
December 1996

Table of Contents
List of Tables xi
Introduction 1
Section I.  Research Methodology 10
Chapter 1. Developing and Adversarial Methodology  
   Adversarial Methods: 11
      The Advantage of Adversarial Methods 18
      Adversarial Data Sources 22
      An Example of the Social Construction of Data by Adversarial Methods 25
   Comparative Case Studies 28
   Class Power and Methodology 30
Section II. Case Studies of Entrepreneurialization and Multiculturalism at UT-Austin 32
Chapter 2. A Case Study of Entrepreneurialization and Austerity at UT-Austin 32
   The Current Strategy: The Creation of an Unofficial Federal Policy 34
   University of Texas Inc. 43
      IC2 Meets DoD 43
      Texas Goes High Tech 46
      UT Inc. 48
      Entrepreneurialization and Austerity 52
      "We're Broke" and Other Complete Bullshit 55
      A Comparison of the Colleges of Engineering and Liberal Arts 57
      Reorganizing the Authority Structure 65
      Entrepreneurialization and Crisis 72
Chapter 3. Multiculturalism: Moving Beyond Resistance 75
   From "Ethnic Studies" to Multiculturalism 79
   The Struggle for Multiculturalism at UT 81
      The "Ethnic Studies" Movement 81
      The Struggle Over "Minority Recruitment" 84
      Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism at UT 95
         Anti-Racism 96
         PRIDE and ONDA 98
         The Struggle Widens 108
      Fighting for Institutionalism at the University Council 112
   The Counterattack Against Multiculturalism at UT 118
      E206: A Lot of Hype About Basic English 118
      The Hatchet Man 122
      Tejas: the (Un)Free Press 127
   Planning a Nationwide Counter-Movement 120
   Multiculturalism: Against Entrepreneurialization and for Our Needs 143
      Answering the Charges 157
      Which Way for Multiculturalism? 167
   Not the Conclusion 173
Section III. The University and Students in Capitalism 177
Chapter 4. A Theory of Entrepreneurialization of the Universities 177
   Inversion of Class Perspective 179
   The Industrialization of the Universities 183
   The Strategy of Entrepreneurialization 197
      Internal Reorganization 198
      Systematic Transformation 199
   Bracero Graduate Students 205
   Im-mobile Campuses 208
   Ivory Tower or Overt Business? 210
   University Inc. 221
      Institutional Organization 222
      Resource Allocation 224
      Research and Teaching Agendas 225
   From Analysis to Resistance 226
Chapter 5. Marginal No More: Student Resistance to Entrepreneurialization as Class Conflict 229
   The Myth of Students as Middle Class 232
   Working But Not Workers 245
   Class Struggle in the Classroom: Students as Unwaged Workers and the University as a Social Factory 269
      A Class Analysis of Education 272
   Rethinking the Crisis of Higher Education 286
   Multiculturalism, Student Struggle and the Crisis: The Case of UT-Austin 295
Chapter 6. Conclusion: Turning Resistance into Rebellion 301
   Moving Beyond Resistance: The Greening of the University 302
   Carving Out Spaces at UT-Austin 310
   Rethinking Our Strategies 321
      Wages for Students as a Tactic 322
   Summing Up: Entrepreneurialization, Student Autonomy and Class Struggle 327
Bibliography 337