Academe: Selling Out? Corporations on Campus

Academe: Selling Out? Corporations on Campus
Academe, Volume 87, Number 5, September-October 2001


The President's Report: Successes, Setbacks, and Contingent Labor
By Jane Buck
Can higher education thrive when part-time faculty do most of the teaching?

Professional Values and the Allure of the Market
By Sheila Slaughter
There's money to be made in academe—and everybody wants a piece of it.

The Future of the Faculty in the Digital Diploma Mill
By David Noble
Distance education threatens to deskill academic labor.

Academics on Board: University Presidents as Corporate Directors
By Nancy P. Goldschmidt and James H. Finkelstein
Academic leaders can make money on corporate boards. But what do their institutions gain?

Whose Property Is It? Negotiating with the University
By Gary Rhoades
The public loses out when universities and professors commodify intellectual work.

Can This Campus Be Bought? Commercial Influence in Unfamiliar Places
By Jennifer L. Croissant
Corporate activities are changing student life—and a lot more as well.

Risky Business: Universities and Intellectual Property
By Julia Porter Liebeskind
Are patents eroding our intellectual commons?