National Survey of School Commercialism in Canada (PDF)

National Survey of School Commercialism in Canada (PDF)
Perspectives, Fall 2005, Volume 5, Issue 3

…too many children have been transformed into miniature consumption machines who keep swallowing the corporate message that meaning comes from acquiring and a sense of self-worth from owning. You don’t have one? What a loser. (Conlin, 2004)

Ads in school hallways and cafeterias; exclusive marketing contracts with soft drink and fast-food corporations; fundraising for library books, school trips, computers, athletic programs and even textbooks; the creation of school and board charitable foundations; user fees for school supplies, programs and sports teams; schools and boards selling services to generate revenue; high tuition fees for foreign students – these are all examples of a trend in Canadian schools towards commercial activity and a reliance on alternative funding sources, identified in a recent national survey of school commercialism, the first of its kind.

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