A Corporatization Checklist: it happen to you?

AAUPA Corporatization Checklist: it happen to you?
American Association of University Professors (AAUP) 

Does your institution exhibit any of the telltale signs of creeping corporate influence? If you recognize more than one or two of these signs, you need to act immediately.

Is your college or university

  • Hiring low-paid, nontenured contingent faculty to replace departing tenured and tenure-track faculty?

  • Decreasing financial aid based primarily on the prospective students’ need?

  • Increasing merit-based scholarships?

  • Paying high corporate-level salaries (especially when compared with faculty salaries) to academic administrators?

  • Increasing reliance on academic search firms—expensive and inadequate substitutes for an appropriately constituted, well-directed, and faculty-dominated search committee?

  • Devaluing the faculty’s teaching and service contributions while increasing emphasis on externally funded faculty research?

  • Decreasing health and retirement benefits for faculty in an environment in which the costs of health care and retirement are rising rapidly?

  • Eliminating currently unpopular courses and curricular programs formerly regarded as essential to a college education and establishing for-profit courses without regard to long-term educational value?

  • Increasing emphasis on intercollegiate athletics as a selling point for admissions and fund raising, complemented by increased spending on teams (not matched by increased spending on teaching, research, or financial aid).