Academic Values, Market Values: The Shifting Balance

American Academic CoverAcademic Values, Market Values: The Shifting Balance
American Academic, Volume 1 / Number 1, June 2004

Editor’s Note (PDF)
By Mitchell Vogel

Introduction- The Concept of Corporatization: A Useful Tool or Feel Good Slogan? (PDF)
By William Scheuerman and Thomas Kriger

Market Practices in Academe

Key Trends in Higher Education: A Review of the Data (PDF)
By John Lee and Sue Clery, JBL Associates

Academic Capitalism in the New Economy: Challenges and Choices (PDF)
By Gary Rhoades and Sheila Slaughter, University of Arizona.

Rhetoric, Reality and the Risks (PDF)
By Frank Newman and Lara Couturier, Brown University

Business Forces and the Life of the Mind (PDF)
By William A. Galston, University of Maryland

Research and the Bottom Line in Today’s University (PDF)
By Sarah Bonewits and Larry Soley, Marquette University

Market Values within the Disciplines

The Uneasy Relationship Between Business and the Humanities (PDF)
By Frank Donoghue, Ohio State University

Profit or Perish: Today’s University Presses (PDF)
By Willis G. Regier, Director, University of Illinois Press.

Making the Managerial Conscious in Composition Studies (PDF)
By Donna Strickland, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

The Changing Role of Labor Education (PDF)
By Edward Hertenstein, Labor Education, University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign

Book Reviews

Book Review, Universities in the Marketplace: The Commercialization of Higher Education by Derek Bok (PDF)
By Susan Meisenhelder, California State University/San Bernardino (former president, California Faculty Association)

Biographies of Contributing Authors