Glenn Rikowski: The Profit Virus: The Business Takeover of Schools

Glenn RikowskiGlenn Rikowski: The Profit Virus: The Business Takeover of Schools


This is the original draft of an article written for the very first issue of the journal, Mediactive (Rikowski, 2003). It proved to be very useful for writing my critique of New Labour's Five-Year Strategy for Education (Rikowski, 2005). For the actual article, references to the 'profit virus', 'contagion' and nearly all other medical metaphors had to be dropped. It was also edited down some. Other aspects of the language were toned down for academic consumption, too.

However, this draft was provided for students on the Recent and Contemporary Issues in Education (EDU1003) module, as they were doing an essay on New Labour's policy of encouraging businesses to run schools. They used it for 2004 and 2005. In the light of these developments, other students, as well as those from Northampton, might find this useful. So too, hopefully, might academics and education activists. Thus, I thought it worthwhile reproducing for The Flow of Ideas.


Rikowski, G. (2003) The business takeover of schools, Mediactive: Ideas Knowledge Culture, Issue 1, April, pp.91-108.

Rikowski, G. (2005) Silence on the Wolves: What is Absent in New Labour's Five Year Strategy for Education, Education Research Centre, Occasional Paper, May, School of Education: University of Brighton.

Glenn Rikowski, London, 19th February 2007

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