Jamil Salmi: The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities (PDF)

Jamil Salmi: The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities (PDF)
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As the global environment for tertiary education expands - encompassing not only the traditional student exchanges and scholarly sojourns but also such issues as cross-border investments and market-type competition among institutions - stakeholders in tertiary education must re-evaluate their priorities and expectations. Historically, tertiary education institutions were cultural landmarks for their home nations. They educated their own students, trained their own academic staffs, and stored the cultural and local histories of their regions. International pressures, largely the result of global flows of tertiary education resources - funding, ideas, students, and staff - have forced institutions to re-examine their missions. Moreover, these pressures have forced governments, by far the largest funding sources for tertiary education, to re-examine their commitments to and expectations from their tertiary education institutions. One prominent outcome of these debates has been the rise in league tables and rankings of various sorts and, subsequently, the growing desire to compete for a place at the top of a global hierarchy of tertiary education.



Executive Summary

What Does It Mean to Be a World-Class University?
Paths to Transformation
Implications for the World Bank

Chapter 1 What Does It Mean to Be a World-Class University?

Concentration of Talent
Abundant Resources
Appropriate Governance
Alignment of Success Factors

Chapter 2 Paths to Transformation

The Role of Government
The Role of Other Actors
Strategic Dimensions at the Institutional Level

Chapter 3 Implications for the World Bank


Appendix A Comparison of the Methodologies for the Main International Rankings
Appendix B Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) 2008 ARWU Country Ranking
Appendix C The Times Higher Education Supplemet (THES) 2008 Country Ranking
Appendix D Key Characteristics of World-Class Universities
Appendix E Tertiary Education Reform in Denmark: The University Act of 2003
Appendix F Recent Research Excellence Initiatives
Appendix G The Best by Any Measure, 2007–08



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