Reino Unido: Black time for the academy

Reino Unido: Black time for the academy

Terapia de shock

Reino Unido: folga

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University lecturers

Students and police at tuition fees protest

Student protestors gather at The University of London

Parliament Square

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 Unos policías se llevan a un manifestante herido, durante las violentas protestas de ayer, en Londres.

British riot police come under attack

The student protest movement has developed a unique momentum over the last month

Police battle with demonstrators in London after today's announcement to raise tuition fees. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Riot police hold back demonstrators in Parliament Square

FEE DEMONSTRATION: Protesters had earlier pushed over metal barriers and occupied the square opposite parliament in Westminster.

Student protests outside Belfast City Hall

Students protest

Estudiantes londinenses protestan por alza de matrículas

Foto de la Noticia

Londres: miles de estudiantes intentan frenar aumento de matrículas


Police defend parliament as Commons vote approaches

British students try to remove barriers set up by British police officers, left, during scufles following a protest march in central London against government plans to triple tuition fees on Thursday.

Students march through Birmingham, England in protest at the increase in student fees Wednesday Dec. 8, 2010. Students are furious over the coalition government's decision to allow schools to triple the cap imposed on tuition fees, allowing the best universities to charge up to 9,000 pounds ($14,000) per year in a bid to reduce the burden on Britain's debt-laden public sector. British students currently pay up to 3,000 pounds ($4,675). (AP Photo/David Jones/PA Wire) UNITED KINGDOM OUT NO SALES NO ARCHIVE

About 200 students  at the Clock Tower, in Leicester city centre,  protesting over the planned rise in tuition fees yesterday

Fury: Banner-waving students protest over the increase in tuition fees which could rise to as much as £9,000

The embryonic student protest movement has made its voice heard in recent weeks

Barriers set up by police outside the House of Commons in Parliament Square ahead of tomorrow's planned student protests

Increase in tuition fees

Photo: Andrew Moss

More student protests kicked off in London yesterday.