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Incorpóranse aquí enlaces a provedores de contido e editores de cursos en liña, titoriais e outros materiais de aprendizaxe para profesionais e empresas, así como portais de aprendizaxe que incorporan contido procedente de diferentes fontes, nas seguintes áreas: PC e capacidades de programación; xestión empresarial. Algúns contidos son gratuítos.

100,000th file uploaded to Wikimedia Commons

100,000th file uploaded to Wikimedia Commons - The Wikimedia Foundation announced today that the 100,000th file had been uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons. The Commons is a repository of free images, sounds, and videos. Any file uploaded to the Commons is instantly available to any of the Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wikinews and Wikibooks. The 100,000th file was an illustration drawn by a French Wikipedia user named Stephane Tsacas used in the article Architecture Dataflow. Tsacas manages the computer network of the Curie Institute, a research center on biology and physics in Paris.From [Edu_RSS]

Open content in UK education

Open content in UK education - SchoolForge-UK, a project devoted to open-access content and open-source tools in education, has joined the Open Source Consortium. From today's press release: 'Schoolforge-UK, the community of individuals and organisations working to implement Open Content resources in UK education has announced its affiliation with the OSC, the independent voice of the Open Source Community in Europe. Schoolforge-UK will now drive the OSC's Education Working Group, with the aim of achieving widespread adoption of Open Source solutions in UK education. According to John Ingleby, Secretary of Schoolforge-UK, "The primary aim of Schoolforge-UK is to bring together individuals and organisations that advocate the use and development of open resources for UK schools and colleges. The OSC ably represents the UK and European Open Source community and it is a natural development to work with them on this common aim."' [Open Access News]

The eGranary Digital Library [Africa]

The eGranary Digital Library [Africa] - The eGranary Digital Library provides millions of digital educational resources to institutions lacking adequate Internet access. Through a process of garnering permissions, copying Web sites, and delivering them to intranet Web servers INSIDE our partner institutions in developing countries, we deliver millions of multimedia documents that can be instantly accessed by patrons over their local area networks at no cost. [eLearnopedia]

Online Resources Repositories for Distance Learning - eLearning Europa

Online Resources Repositories for Distance Learning - eLearning Europa - Funded by Minerva Programme, the e-Resources and Distance Learning Management (eDilema) project has been carried between 2001 and 2003 to promote access to efficient methods and high quality educational resources as well as to promote the access to the be [Online Learning Update]


Wikiversity - Welcome to the Wikiversity, a free, open learning environment and research community. Online courses are being created as a form of co-operative and interactive exchange of knowledge. Wikiversity is still being designed and discussed, see some ideas about Wikiversity. Wikiversity... [Teaching an Developping Online]

McGraw-Hill Teams with Cisco for Online Courses - Strategy

McGraw-Hill Teams with Cisco for Online Courses - Strategy - McGraw-Hill Higher Education has announced it was teaming up with Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Through this relationship, McGraw-Hill will deliver a large and growing portfolio of interactive, online courses [Online Learning Update]

Site Review: Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Site Review: Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative - I just added this site to the EduResources Portal. The Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon provides free access to selected basic courses. The goal of the project is to establish a new paradigm and standard for online education. The courses should be of interest to students, instructors, and instructional designers. "Through the OLI project, Carnegie Mellon is working to help the World Wide Web make good on its promise of widely accessible and effective online education. OLI grew out of collaboration among cognitive scientists, experts in human computer interaction and seasoned faculty who have both a deep expertise in their respective fields and a strong commitment to excellence in higher education. The project adds to online education the crucial elements of instructional design grounded in cognitive theory, formative evaluation for students and faculty, and iterative course improvement based on empirical evidence." Currently there are six courses available in Causal Reasoning, Chemistry, Economics, Logic, Statistics, and Physics. Refer to the Overview and Course Features links to learn more about the OLI project and the pedagogical approach taken in the project. [EduResources Weblog--Higher Education Resources Online] Training Materials Training Materials - "Here are some training notes that will be useful if you wanted to organise some training. Many places charge for such materials, but I strongly believe in separating the content/material from the actual delivery of the training." Training Materials Training materials for and Linux Listed on Content for professionals and professional development... [E-Learning Centre]


Walkgrove - "Walkgrove design and develop training solutions. We also deliver training courses and provide expert consultancy for a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors. We are a 'one stop shop', able to design products and interventions in all media including paper based text, multimedia CBT and on-line programs. Our solutions are bespoke." Walkgrove Company based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK Listed on Custom-built e-learning content developers... [E-Learning Centre]



e-start is a customisable e-learning induction system equally suited to SMEs and large corporations' HR departments. Purchased off-the-shelf, this induction system can be customised to reflect the unique HR training requirements.



Award-winning GoVenture products (Internet, CD-ROM, and Print based) are designed for youth and adults, for self-directed or facilitated learning. They can be used on their own, or as components to enhance other courses, learning, and entertainment experiences.

Online training courses in IT and business related subjects; including A+, MCSE, Flash, Oracle, Java, Linux, Office, Project Management and E-learning for Dummies. Certification, video courses, free demo courses, and an online tutor available.

eLearning Centre Ltd

eLearning Centre Ltd

Web Design Courses, PC Repair and Maintenance Courses, European Computer Driving Licence, Microsoft Certification and IT Courses.

The Working

The Working

Welcome to your free personal pathway to better management. is the e-learning product arm of Help In IT, Inc. The company’s vision is to enable all professionals to embrace IT in their work environments, not just IT professionals. It believes that IT education and careers are no longer the preserve of ‘techies’ alone, but that all of us need training in IT to excel in our careers, whether it be art, administration, manufacturing or any other sector. With over $10,000,000 invested in the development of a current library of technology based learning titles, and the plans to produce hundreds more each year, we believe we will soon surpass some of the biggest companies in this field with the freshest and largest library of usable courses.

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