Moodle 1.4.5 is released

Moodle 1.4.5 is released - by Martin Dougiamas.

Moodle 1.4.5 is the latest maintenance release for the 1.4 branch that fixes a few bugs and adds some performance improvements. For full details see the release notes.

You can download it as usual from the Moodle download page.

Note this is not the big Moodle 1.5 release ... that is coming soon! smile


Drupal for educational sites

Drupal for educational sites - I've spent the evening catching up on my aggregator reading. It's been a fascinating set of reading that is really chiming with where my work life appears to be headed, assuming I can find the time to keep up. More about that will follow. I followed a link from ...From [Edu_RSS]

Moodle 1.4.4 released!

Moodle 1.4.4 released! - by Martin Dougiamas

While we're all busy working and waiting on the exciting Moodle 1.5 to come together (not too long now!) here is something to keep you busy: Moodle 1.4.4 is now available, containing a large number of small fixes since 1.4.3.

Some security fixes are included so upgrading from any older release of Moodle is, as usual, recommended.

Many thanks to Catalyst for their help recently in managing the stable branch and special thanks to Petr Skodak and the many other programmers who have been tirelessly contributing one small fix after another over the past few months. All of you help make Moodle ever more secure and stable and that keeps educators smiling!


Moodle 1.4.3 is now available

Moodle 1.4.3 is now available - Moodle 1.4.3 is now available from the download page!

As you can see in the release notes, a lot of bugs and some security issues have been fixed since 1.4.2, so upgrading is highly recommended.

moodle conference!

moodle conference! - MoodleMoot 04
The first UK and International one-day conference for users and developers of moodle will be taking place in Oxford, England, in July 2004. Please come along, contribute, and meet fellow moodlers! More information can be found at:

Over 20,000 registered Moodle sites!!

Over 20,000 registered Moodle sites!! - Wow! The response to my earlier call for registrations has been absolutely fantastic!

Currently we have over 20,000 registered Moodle sites around the world in 210 countries!

We had no idea all of you were out there. Thank you to everyone who registered their sites!

Moodle: Botón de axuda en páxina de entrada non funciona

Ao entrar en Moodle aparece o formulario 'Entrar ao sitio'. Abaixo hai un botón que pon 'Sí, axúdeme a entrar'. Ao premer no botón da un erro. Supoño que faltan as páxinas de axuda.


fírgoa utiliza o sistema de xestión da aprendizaxe moodle co fin de proporcionarlle soporte de comunicación, con carácter experimental, a diferentes cursos que se desenvolven na USC. moodle é unha aplicación opensource, explícitamente construída sobre un modelo constructivista social da ensinanza e da aprendizaxe. É unha aplicación moi versátil e flexible, ao tempo que de moi doada utilización para calquera usuario.

Para acceder aos cursos debe estar dado de alta en fírgoa como profesor (contacte con nos) ou estar rexistrado como alumno dun dos cursos existentes, para o que o seu profesor lle proporcionará a clave de acceso.

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