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Teach/Me - Data Analysis

Teach/Me - Data Analysis

Teach/Me - Data Analysis is a software system which has been developed to support the teaching and learning of the statistical analysis of data. Teach/Me is an open system which is based on public standards (HTML) enabling the teacher to provide students with additional material via the web. In addition, a special client delivers full power and support for teaching and learning.

Moveable Type 3.1 as Coursware

Moveable Type 3.1 as Coursware - From Weblogg-ed News:

Liz Lawley thinks the new version of Moveable Type will be a lot more teacher friendly.

The announcement about new features in the upcoming MT3.1 release has gotten me excited about revising my courseware for this fall. In particular, the multi-blog option (≥A plugin which allows you to include template content from one weblog in any other weblog in your Movable Type install≈), the post scheduling, and the improved php/dynamic capability will all make it much easier to create a more robust courseware implementation that doesn≠t require nearly so much by-hand duplication of content when creating multiple sections of a course, or new course instances from one quarter/semester to another.
Weblogg-ed News

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